How it works

AESOP Eprints is the go-to place if you want your AESOP-planning publication on line fast, open access (CC BY 4.0), with a digital object identifier (Crossref DOI), but without the usual red tape and long wait of a peer-reviewed journal.


We are eager to receive publications that contribute to the body of knowledge of AESOP, the Association of European Schools of Planning. If you do have publications that fit that scope and want to share those with a community of spatial planners, you should register (if you haven't done that already); otherwise: just log in.

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Currently, we accept books, booklets, book parts, conference papers, conference proceedings, doctoral theses, journal articles, lectures, preprints, reports, videos.

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After submitting your publication, a moderator will evaluate it: Does it contribute to the body of knowledge of AESOP? Does it comply with our ethics policy?

Ethics policy

We will not send the submission out for peer review. Instead, your paper is moderated to see is it fits the scope of AESOP NEB complies with our ethics policy. If it does, we will assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and post the submission within weeks, if not: within days.


A new post with your publication will appear at the top of the list, displayed on our front page. Anyone gets a moment there to shine, no exception. But each new submission will push it slowly downwards. After ten new submissions, it is pushed off the front page.


After that, your publication lives in the archives and one or more categories. Finally, you use the DOI if you want to link a web page or any other document to your submission. That guarantees that the link to your publication won't be broken. So don't use the regular URL. Use the DOI link instead.