Your Rights

Let's briefly review the conditions to which you agree upon submission:

CC BY 4.0

The publications that are accepted by AESOP Eprints are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). Your work may be copied, shared and distributed as long as you are properly accredited as author or editor. In other words: those that use your work have to cite you. If someone makes amendments to your original work, then that needs to be shown. The fact that you make your publication available under a CC BY license does not directly or indirectly endorse third party views or how the information is used in other formats.

Authors and editors keep their rights

AESOP Eprints allows you as author(s) or editor(s) to hold on to your copyright and your publishing rights, without any restrictions. That means that the publication remains yours and yours only. You can post it anywhere else and share it with anyone or any platform you like without having to ask us for permission.

Share pre- and post-print

As author or editor, you can also archive the pre-print and post-print versions of the work that you have submitted. That includes a PDF version of the publication (the so-called publisher's version) that becomes available in AESOP Eprints.

Copy and redistribute

As author or editor, you are explicitly free to copy and redistribute your work after submission in any medium or format. You can also remix, transform it, or build upon the work for any purpose. No questions asked.


Sharing your content in AESOP Eprints is free. There are no article processing charges (APCs) or other costs.