Territorial Cohesion Planning Based on Multiple-Stakeholder Demand: A Case study of KDW Region in China

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Since reform and opening, with the rapid progress of urbanization, Chinese cities gradually stepped into territorial cohesion stage. Under the pressure of decentralization and free market economic policies, the stakeholders of regional spatial is becoming diversification. The territorial cohesion has been into a multi-actor arena involving government, market and social individuals. The paper studies a case “Kuitun-Dushanzi-Wusu Territorial Cohesion Planning”. KDW district locates at Xinjiang Autonomous region in China. It is an important national petrochemical base. Due to historical reasons, the administrative division is complex there, involving several governments, central and local enterprises and many other stakeholders. Recent years, although the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, it brings up the extensive growth, homogeneous competition, local barriers and etc. It exerts serious threaten to the environment of the overall region as well. Firstly, this paper analyses the development demands from multi-interest stakeholders in KDW district. The Matrix was built to describe the different stakeholders’ demands regional spatial, industry and resource environment. Secondly, this paper analyses the complex interest relationship exerted from multi-interest demanding and the external driving force exerted from territorial cohesion development. Finally, under the premise of guaranteeing the environment quality, the paper uses scenario planning and set three kinds of scenario: transforming petrochemical industry, reducing the production of petrochemical industry and continuing petrochemical industry. What’s more, it simulates three scenarios, based on goal implementation orientation, and explores the plan of regional integration.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
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