Health impact assessment in urban development: model approach, potentials and limitations for the systematic integration of health aspects in urban planning processes. Case study Gera, Germany

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This paper addresses the increasing importance of integrating health aspects into urban development, particularly in light of environmental impacts and the COVID-19 pandemic. The paper focuses on the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as a tool to assess the potential health effects of policies, programmes and projects. It explores the integration of HIAs into the German administrative structure and urban development processes, with a specific case study of an urban development framework plan. The paper presents a model that systematically integrates health aspects into urban planning and discusses the roles and tasks of public health services and urban planning departments in the HIA process. It also considersthe potentials and challenges of implementing HIAs in municipal administrations in Germany and their contribution to urban resilience. The paper concludes with recommendations for supplementary tools and emphasizes the need to adapt HIAs to specific planning tasks and local contexts. Keywords: health impact assessment, urban planning, public health sector, urban development, urban resilience.
Book of proceedings: 35th AESOP Annual Congress Integrated planning in a world of turbulence, Łódź, 11-15th July, 2023
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