The spatial accessibility and equity of primary health care facilities in northwest China from the perspective of life circle: a case study on Karamay

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The life circle is a concept of the walkability of people in urban space to get the daily public services. Since Shanghai first proposed the 15-minute community life circle, Chinese government has promoted the convenient and walkable community life circle in major cities. Providing primary health care (PHC) is an essential way to enhance physical and mental well-being and social welfare of people. The spatial accessibility of PHC facilities is closely related to residents' health and social equity. In most cities in China, the Community Health Center (CHC) is the main form for delivering primary health care to urban residents. As Small and medium-sized cities in the northwest region are limited by their economic development level and natural geographical environment, evaluating the spatial accessibility and equity of health facilities there is of great significance for achieving the equalization of PHC services across regions. In this research, the spatial accessibility and equity of Community Health Centers (CHCs) in the central urban area of Karamay City are evaluated by improved 2SFCA method and Gini coefficient under the life circle concept. The results show that: 1) The areas with high and low accessibility of PHC facilities were interspersed in space, without exhibiting a concentric pattern. 2) The global Moran's I index was 0.77, indicating that the accessibility of PHC facilities had a significant positive clustering distribution. 3) The Gini coefficient of PHC facility accessibility reached 0.72, which means the spatial inequality was significant. Keywords: small and medium-sized cities, public facilities, PHC,walkability, 15-minute community
Book of proceedings: 35th AESOP Annual Congress Integrated planning in a world of turbulence, Łódź, 11-15th July, 2023
CC BY 4.0