The Energy Justice Tool Suite: an interdisciplinary and comprehensive method for energy transition territorialization

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Within a French context of Energy Transition, the “Energy Justice Tool Suite” project aims at designing, experimenting and optimizing what we call an interdisciplinary and a comprehensive “tool suite” dedicated to energy justice. At the urban, technical and socio-economic levels, the idea is to design a “tool suite” to characterize, assess, evaluate and co-construct an inclusive energy and socio-territorial justice - with the actors of these territories. This research is based on an interdisciplinary approach, combining engineering sciences with social and spatial sciences, in order to co-construct an inclusive territorialization of energy transition, leading to energy justice. For this purpose, the “Energy Justice Tool Suite” project aims at designing, not buildings archetypes, but multiscale energy complex systems archetypes: physical phenomena to design the energy poverty assessment model at the block scale, and human behaviour, within an empowering perspective, through the animation of learning workshops. This experiment will be conducted on two fields of observation: Grenoble-Alpes Métropole and the region of Compiègne, to establish a transect of energy poverty situations. The “Energy Justice Tool Suite” project also aims at designing, experimenting and optimizing a transversal tool to aid decision making and a tool to aid consultation making for energy and socio-territorial multiscale justice.
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
energy transition, energy poverty, energy justice, decision support tool
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