Time Series of Urban Shrinkage Elements in Coalexhausted Cities: A Case Study of Two Typical Cities in Northeast China

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Based on the existing research, this paper first classifies the influencing factors of urban shrinkage into three categories: internal factors, external characteristics and potential factors, and further divides them into four categories: population structure change, economic and industrial change, spatial quality change and public facilities change. Secondly, taking Shuangyashan and Jixi city, two typical coal-based industrial cities in Heilongjiang Province of China as the research objects, from the point of view of time, using the method of big data classification and comparative analysis, the time series of key elements in each city is studied, the priority and lag relationship of elements are obtained, and the time law of mutual restriction of elements in each city is analyzed in depth, and the time series of key elements in each city is established. The time series model of the shrinkage of such coal-exhausted cities is put forward in order to put forward a common strategy to deal with the shrinkage of such cities from a time point of view.
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
Urban shrinkage, Resource exhaustion, Time series, Northeast China
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