On renaissance mode of peri-urbanized rural areas in the pattern of urban and rural integration-with the case study of villages on both sides of Huaijiu road, Fanchang county, Anhui, China

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After analyzing the characteristics of Chinese “peri-urbanization” and its the main reason, the thesis discusses the problem in peri-urbanized rural areas. Based on domestic and foreign research results of rural renaissance and China’s actual conditions, the thesis puts forward a new idea: current research on the rejuvenation mode of peri-urbanized rural areas should be integrated into the overall development pattern of Chinese urban and rural integration and should include the whole rural areas rather than a single village, in order to achieve the overall rejuvenation and help rural areas produce and promote their unique output value. Therefore, the thesis takes significantly peri-urbanized villages as research object and explores the renaissance mode of China’s rural areas in the case study of their development planning. The thesis proposes the rejuvenation mode of integrated development of villages in the whole district with city as the service object, country as the carrier, agriculture as the basis, tourism development as the means and cultural renaissance as the foundation. And accordingly, strategies of three aspects are given to guarantee the rejuvenation as follows: the first is scientific planning by improving its overall layout and constructing transportation organizations and supporting public services at all levels; the second is protection first by establishing supervision mechanism in the three categories (nine subcategories) of ecological protection, living environmental protection and farming culture protection; the third is four-win outcome by building a balanced and interacted mechanism for four parties (the government, businesses, villagers and tourists).
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
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