Dispossession of the Poor through an Urban Renewal Project in Narlıdere İzmir, Turkey

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In this paper, the dispossession process of the people living in a squatter housing area is explored in Turkey's third largest metropolis, İzmir. In the case of İzmir-Narlıdere, the İkinci İnönü Neighbourhood was declared as a disaster risk area and an urban renewal project was proposed by the municipality. The proposed housing project addresses to the luxury, exclusive and to a different lifestyle than that of the existing squatter housing inhabitants. Although the declared aim of the project is the redevelopment of the area with its existing inhabitants, it has a one dimensional spatial and market-driven feature and is insensitive to the economic, social and cultural characteristics of the inhabitants. The project will be undertaken and carried on by the Municipality and private real estate partnership drawing on of 50% shares for each. More crucially, despite the renewal project was submitted by the Municipality to the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, there is no contract defining the framework for the inhabitants' right to title deeds. As the findings of the research conducted within the scope of this study indicate, this renewal process will work as slum clearance and will end with dispossession and displacement of the squatter housing inhabitants.
housing question, financialization, slum clearance, dispossession