The notion of sociotechnical system in the planning process of a Smart Region

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Energy transition is a long-term change process of the energy system of regions and cities towards smart and low carbon features. From a technological point of view, energy system is an integrated system including several sources, technologies, and products for energy production, distribution, and consumption. From a social point of view, local population's choices and actions determine the time and the features of energy transition at regional and local scales. Energy system is not only technology matter. Sociotechnical and territorial approaches underline the importance of interactions between energy, society, and space. Based on these interactions, this research delineates an analytical framework and an applied definition of sociotechnical system for place-based contexts, with the aim to promote recommendations towards Smart Regions. Starting from the definition of the important concept in the social sciences of sociotechnical system, this research proposes an applied definition of sociotechnical concept in space-based contexts. This applied definition can shape and change the socio-energy system that is another important concept in social sciences, meaning the world that ‘one wants to create for the future’ (Miller et al. 2015).
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
social science, sociotechnical system, territory, South Tyrol
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