Research of travel behavior influence factors of the aged and suggestions of the senile apartment siting

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This article aims to discuss the siting of the senile apartment from the perspective of travel behavior of the aged. The aged spend much more time on the indoor activities in the apartment than the travel behavior. However, travel behavior, an important component of human life, can energize the aged and motivate their socialization. Currently the siting of the senile apartment from the view of travel behavior remains to be studied. To select the proper siting of the apartment based on the physical and psychological characteristics of the aged as well as their transportation will energize them and promote them to participate in more social activities. Their social identification will thus be lifted. Their ability of independent living can be largely preserved and their life quality in the apartments be improved. This article is summarized into four parts. First of all,it proposes that the proper outing is significant for the health of the aged in the apartments by analyzing the outgoing characteristics of the aged from the physical, psychological, and social attribute perspectives. Second, the types of outgoing of the aged are analyzed. According to the outgoing purpose, the travel behavior of the aged can be categorized into four types: shopping, medical, leisure, and cultural pursuits. The outgoing types have different promotion on the aged and require different siting. Then it proposes the influence factors for the outgoing of the aged include the internal factors such as age, gender, financials, and the external factors such as distance and scale. Different outgoing purposes are influenced by different factors. The travel for shopping, for example, is influenced by the internal factor of financials and the external factor of scale. The travel for medical care is influenced by the age and the scale. The travel for leisure is influenced by the age and the distance. The travel for cultural pursuits is influenced by the age, scale, and distance. In the end, this article exhibits that the site selection of the senile apartment should be based on the reachability of the travel behavior for the aged. This article builds an evaluation system for the indices based on the influence factors. Some suggestions for the siting are proposed: 1) small business should be enough near the siting; 2) general hospitals should be easily reached; 3) nearby leisure and entertainment venues, and 4) cultural facilities should be considered. This article discusses the four types of outing and proposes the corresponding site selection strategies. However, problems still exist. Firstly, individual difference will lead to different effects. Secondly, a perfect siting for the apartment of the aged that satisfy all the requirements does not exist. Moreover, more factors including the scale of the apartment, the ground rent, and the planning, should be considered. Thereby, the most proper siting scheme should be planned in terms of the evaluation system of the indices. Proper siting will help the aged to merge into the society, identify with themselves, and enjoy their twilights years in the apartments
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017
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