Importance of Reclamation of Post-industrial Areas Near Cities, Challenges to Overcome and How it Changes City into Smart Cities

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To provide better life style and wellbeing to human is not only the task but also for surrounding organism, an eco-efficient city administration design. Relating my dissertation topic climate resilient city –evolution of an urban ecological system focused on eco efficient city administration. Upper Silesian region which is shared between Poland and Czech Republic where the majority of area is shared by Poland. This area are famous for its underground coal mines , since centuries mines are operating these places(1)(2). Many towns are dependent on these mines. Upper Silesia area is the key area which is a central part of Europe where it is easy to move to all the parts of Europe. Czech Republic when the mines are planned to open authorities relocate the people, Poland where most of the underground mines are operated near to the city where the people are not located. These mines play a crucial role in the urban ecology balance in these areas For the mining operation many towns, and other areas are demolished, Czech city Karvina is an example(3). By relocating people and the problem in the balance of ecology by destruction of natural habitats of several animals and organisms let them migrate to other places. Once a mine had started it should have an closing date, in the operating time of the mines people of these places have many benefits to work in these mines, there by lesser unemployment and increase the wellbeing of life style. Once if its closed the community depending on these mines are affected ,unemployment, urban shrinkage ,migration of people to other cities for in search of job, reduce the attractiveness of the city, less interest on new development and establishment in these places. Discussing about the main challenges to accomplish these strategies.
postindustrial areas, smart cities, climate resilient city, urban ecological system