Digital participatory planning tools helpful side and side effects

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Participatory planning is one of the latest directions of the urban planning field which began in the second half of the 20th century. Participatory planning back then used old fashion ways in doing so. Lately, urban planners start using digital participatory planning tools. These tools start to get spread worldwide for their help in the urban planning process. In the same time urban planners start having concerns regarding these tools and their side effects. One of these concerns is the issue of data privacy in digital participatory planning tools. This paper will explore the helpful side of digital participatory planning tools and their role in improving the urban planning process. Second, it discusses one of the side effects of these tools that is the issue of data privacy. Third, trying to find a solution for this issue and its side effects. The Swiss city of Zug experimented a solution which could be a possible solution. The experience of international experts of digital participatory planning tools spread worldwide will be collected. Once these tools are closer to solving their issues, these tools can be upgraded significantly in a way opens up a wide advancement towards effective urban planning
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
participatory planning, digital participatory planning tools, data privacy
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