A Study on China’s County Sports Center Planning Strategy from Smart Shrinkage Perspective

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At the end of 2017, the urbanization rate of China's permanent residents was 58.52%, which has increased by 1.17% over last year. It is expected to exceed 60% by 2020. Rapid urbanization has brought about expansion of large cities and contraction of small and medium cities. Most of counties become population decline areas, which are not suitable for extensive development. Meanwhile, sports facilities in China's counties are extremely lacking. The promotion of sports industry and national fitness policy are imminent. Based on current situation of urban and industry development, this paper points out the problems and misunderstandings of current county sports centers in China, and combines several planning practices to propose the view of “smart shrinkage”. According to the planning andconstruction of county sports centers, this paper proposes four planning strategies: improving efficiency under shrinkage, intensive scale under precise orientation, function rebuilt under needs and the open and flexible interfaces, intending to guide the development of counties in China and to provide reference for planning and construction of county sports centers.
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
Shrinking County, Smart Shrinkage, County Sports Center, Planning Strategies
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