“Mind the mindemyren” a new spatial analysis tool for linking building densification strategies to public transport and street network accessibility in Bergen city

dc.contributor.authorDe Koning, Remco
dc.contributor.authorVan Nes, Akkelies E.
dc.descriptionBook of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017en
dc.description.abstractThe population in Bergen city is growing fast. There is a need for areas for facilitating such a population growth. However, the availability of land is scarce, as the city is squeezed between seven mountains on the hilly west coast of Norway. Today, about 279 000 inhabitants live in Bergen. The population is growing with 4000 inhabitants per year. This is 2,5 times higher than the Norwegian bureau of statistics predicted in 2007 ( Old industrial areas and existing low density areas located adjacent to the city centre are becoming attractive for urban transformation. The industrial area Mindemyren is one of the urban areas with the largest transformation and densification potentials. Today this area functions as a barrier between surrounding dwelling areas by roads, old railways, fences, large long buildings and a lack of cross connections for pedestrians. The size of the area is comparable to the city centre. Bergen municipality has a policy to transform this area into a new urban centre in the next 25 years. At this moment, the area is the largest urban transformation area in Norway. This gives the opportunity on the one hand to create a new centre for the surrounding dwelling areas and to facilitate population growth on the other hand. Population growth implies pressure on the existing infrastructure network. After a half a century of road building and facilitating the private car in city centres, the emphasis is currently shifting towards improving the public transport network and to implement a second light rail line in Bergen. A light rail line opened in 2009. The last part of the line has recently been finished. During the last 5 years, this light rail contributed to densification around the stations and to an increase of the property prices in the stations’ vicinity. At present, a proposal for the location of a second light rail line is now on the drawing table. The track of light rail line 2 goes through the Mindemyren area, and connects the Fyllingsdalen area on the other side of a large mountain with the city centre with a tunnel. The location of this light rail shapes a unique possibility to establish integrated urban design solutions in the Mindemyren area.
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dc.sourceBook of proceedings : Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon 11-14th July 2017en
dc.title“Mind the mindemyren” a new spatial analysis tool for linking building densification strategies to public transport and street network accessibility in Bergen city
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