Research on the theoretical Framework of Integrated Urban Water System Planning Based on Water Cycle Theory

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The city is a complex system, and the relationship between the city and the natural environment is very close, especially the interaction and relationship between water resources and water environment becomes more complicated in the city system. In recent years, there have been more and more researches on metabolism and recycling economy. This paper will use the concept of water cycle to carry out water system planning research. The study believes that the urban water system is an important part of the complex large-scale system of the city. It is the system of the natural circulation of water and the coupling of social circulation and urban space. According to the theory of water cycle, the final study divides the urban water system into rainfall, river system, water supply and water distribution system, urban water usage system, sewage treatment, water reuse, and rainwater discharge system. Based on the study of the relationship between traditional urban water related planning and Integrated Urban Water System Planning (IUWSP), the theoretical framework structure of IUWSP (Integrated Urban Water System Planning [IUWSP]) is proposed. The planning system consists of the following modules: planning target determination method, standardized investigation content and method, and demand forecasting method, supply and demand analysis, comprehensive evaluation.
water resources management, water cycle, water system planning method, theoretical system