Analysis of dynamic public transit accessibility in Warsaw

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Public transport plays an important role in functioning of every large city. It facilitates the flow of people and goods, and connects strategic areas of housing, labour, commerce or entertainment. Cities cannot develop properly when relation between those areas is not satisfactory. Public transport accessibility is a key factor to a stable operation of the whole system that city creates. It is generally understood as the ease of access to the means of transport and the ease of travelling to desired destinations. Concepts of the transport availability are used in the research on the settlement network, transportation systems and spatial development at every level (Olszewski, Dybicz, Śleszyński, 2013). Public transport accessibility evaluation may significantly support management of city components of the city and whole transit network. The analysis should precede every major construction investment. It may also help local authorities intervene when current condition of public transport services is deficient in certain areas, especially housing developments poorly connected with public service areas and workplaces. Therefore, th following paper presents an attempt to asses a public transit time accessibility on the example of a medium-sized European city - Warsaw.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017
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