How network resources empower expert involvement? Evidence from urban planning decision-making in China

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Expert involvement has received increasing academic attention, and expert typology, organisational types and knowledge utilization have been well documented and well theorized. However, the literature on expert involvement is remarkably silent on how to understand the internal structure of expert groups and the influence they bring to bear. This paper seeks to bridge this gap by theorizing and empirically demonstrating the internal discrepancy in expert network. This is achieved through in-depth qualitative analysis of empirical research data on urban planning decision-making in China. This study elaborates on an expert network model that analyses how government choices, organisational characteristics, and capital in network resources shape expert influence. Empirical analysis shows that the role played by experts in policy making is the result of different expert networks. Then, the concept of “resources empowerment expert network” was proposed to understand the logic of resource flow in the network and contribute to the broader literature on expert involvement. Keywords: Expert Involvement; Network Resources; Expert Network; Urban Planning; Decision-Making
Book of proceedings: 35th AESOP Annual Congress Integrated planning in a world of turbulence, Łódź, 11-15th July, 2023
CC BY 4.0