Environmental Friendly Planning Practices Implemented in China's Ultra High-Rise Structures Planning & Implemental Process of 606meters" Wuhan Greenland Centre, China

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With China's fast economic development in the past decade, China now has more than 350 over 200 meters high-rise buildings and seven of them are in the present highest skyscrapers. Ultra high-rise building projects plays an important role in economic growth of China as the urban area development space is becoming more limited and also other resources. Ultra-high-rise buildings are the substantial and spiritual symbol for the region which can push forward development of different areas. Therefore, with the development of information technologies used in fields in urban planning, architectural design and property management, problems like safety, cost, energy saving, and optimization of the structure have been continually thrown out and focused by world's leading experts. Wuhan Greenland Center (606 meters height), the 2nd tallest structure in China and 4th in the world. The 300,000 m2 urban complex consists of cultural spots, residential apartment, hotel, offices, shopping center and tertiary sectors like finance, creative studio, etc. The project aims to generate a new city sub-centre as well as the revitalization of this area. And being a key participant in the Wuhan Greenland Center project, this article will share details during the pre-stages of decision making, site selection, environmental evaluation and social economic effects, functional compound, etc. By the means of modern information technologies and cutting-edge tools, which benefits in settle the public needs and shorten the processing period.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
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