Superblock vs. traditional grid in urban design in Barcelona: integrating superblocks with each other through walkable public green axis

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One of the most effectively working urban patterns is grid layout which has been worldwide accepted since the ancient settlements in history. Barcelona represents one of the most spectecular strict grid pattern since 1850s as a result of new demands in urban development in the city. This research will handle the grid pattern from a different perspective focusing on a transition from grid to Superblock and a simultaneous transformation in urban transport memory. Therefore, research question is to reveal what Superblock proposes in Barcelona as a change in urban transport memory. In this context, firstly, grid urban layout will be defined with its advantages and drawbacks in general. Afterwards, the historical being of Barcelona's grid structure and Superblock idea will be presented. Here the significant point will be touching upon basically the change in grid pattern and its prospective contributions on new urban transport memory. Finally, transition from grid to Superblock will be critically discussed by considering the aspect of expected transport memory reformation.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017
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