Management plans of Natura 2000 Sites and coastal land use plans: A study concerning an integrated approach to management of coastal zones in the Sulcis Area (Sardinia, Italy)

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The Protocol of the Barcelona Convention on integrated coastal zone management defines integrated coastal zone management as “…a dynamic process for the sustainable management and use of coastal zones, taking into account at the same time the fragility of coastal ecosystems and landscapes, the diversity of activities and uses, their interactions, the maritime orientation of certain activities and uses and their impact on both the marine and land parts.” Although integrated approach to coastal zone management has increasingly acquired importance within the international debate, with particular reference to the European Union context, its implementation puts in evidence relevant issues as regards the conflict between conservation measures related to environment and natural resources, and local development-related strategies. From this perspective, Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) processes are particularly important since they are based on the implementation of a methodological and technical framework which aims at integrating environmental sustainability-related objectives, defined in national and regional strategies, into the local development strategies whose goals reflect needs and expectations identified by the local governments and communities. In a SEA-based conceptual framework, this study proposes a methodological approach to the integration of strategies and related measures expressed by the management plans of Natura 2000 Sites into coastal land use plans, which generates a system of consistent objectives and related planning actions. The fundamental assumption is that SEA of management plans and coastal land use plans is very effective to build consistency in terms of sustainability-oriented strategies and local development measures. The proposed methodology is implemented in order to integrate costal planning strategies and conservation measures related to management plans of Natura 2000 Sites with reference to three case studies concerning three municipalities, Calasetta and Carloforte, located in South-Western Sardinia, Italy.
Planning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2
integrated coastal zone management, Natura 2000 Network, coastal planning, local development
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