Sensible planning knowledge network of UK: mining, visualizing and analysing of the academic open-source data

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Planning knowledge network, as the agglomerations of academic outputs and scholars, guides practices to make a better city, educates younger planners and to supports decision making. The research focuses on the planning knowledge network in UK, aiming at making the network more sensible by visualizing, measuring, analysing and discovering the anchor cities of this network. This would be helpful to gain a better understanding of planning intelligence, and to benefit planning schools, scholars, organizations and even navigating young planners in such a planning knowledge ocean. In a word, the most immediate purpose of this research is to make such network sensible, and that is the beginning of a range of benefits. Regarding planning knowledge society as a cooperative network, with planning scholars contribute academic outputs (publications) in a cooperative way, this research adopted the open-source data as resources. Raised conceptual models for the network and methods for visualizing, measuring and analysing the network are innovative, which makes the planning knowledge network sensible for the first time. Additionally, the anchor cities, which represent knowledge produce, exchange and store agglomerations, are also been discussed. By achieving this, the content is organized in six major parts. The main body is followed by the introduction part, which includes the open data resources introduction, the methods and tools, the visualization and analysis this network, and then the study on anchor cities to complement a more sensible network. Finally, the research draw the conclusion according to the results of important findings.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
Planning Knowledge Network, United Kingdom, Sensible, Open Source Data
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