Let’s meet at the urban courtyard! The role of the community participation in micro-scale urban regeneration in Krakow

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According to the recent urban regeneration policy shift, interventions are required at local-scale development. That approach aims at integrated microprojects promoting spontaneous regeneration and social integration with the local community involvement. In particular, within Urban Regeneration policies public participation is introduced as a tool to reflect public concerns and to guide the urban space transformation. In recent years, studies regarding regeneration were spatially focused on city centers, main public spaces, historical sites, and postindustrial land uses. However, not much attention was paid to the renewal of semipublic spaces reserved particularly for local residents. At the same time, urban courtyard areas become one of the significant sites within the latest Regeneration Programmes. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the behaviors and social attitudes towards participatory planning in semi-public spaces regeneration. The research was conducted based on the “Centrum D” urban courtyard case study in the Nowa Huta, the city of Krakow. The study was carried out using in-depth interviews with three groups of stakeholders: 1) local community leaders, 2) municipal officials, and 3) participatory practitioners. The findings are expected to add insights into the discussion on the community participation within micro-scale regeneration inside cities urban setting.
public participation, urban regeneration, semi-public spaces, urban courtyards