Tourism, glocalization and urban rehabilitation - transformations of the touristic environment of Baixa in Lisbon

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The tourism dynamics nowadays are the reflection of global and local interactions, verifying, with frequency, the confrontation between the preservation of the local values and their transformation according to the generalized tendency of the cultural patterns of consumption. This transformations, which are recognized for converting many of the trend tourism spots, involve diverse agents that end up arranging efforts to promote tourism locations. The most visible effects pass by a requalification of emblematic public spaces, or neighborhoods with a picturesque value and also areas with high commercial potential. The urban rehabilitation strategies, with real estate valorization in mind, are also the central vectors for the touristification process. These transformations however raise some issues and possible problems. Some can be emphasized as the effects of gentrification, the heritage authenticity loss and the effects of urban cosmetic that overlap the preservation of the exceptional. On the other hand other positions claim that there should be an investment coordination as a way to avoid the degradation of historical centers or old city areas, which don’t correspond with the current needs. In this sense, this investigation contemplates a critical thinking on the tourism dynamics of actuality, through research on recent theories related with the theme. We try to focus on the relation between tourism and urban rehabilitation strategies, mainly on the oldest city areas. The case study is Baixa Pombalina in the Center of Lisbon. The choice was made due to the controversial application of this area to humanity heritage, as well as the strategies and safeguard plans content. We currently watch as big transformations unroll on Baixa under a bold urban rehabilitation, very visible on the rapid uses transformation and real estate dynamics. On this context we aim to investigate the value of Baixa and its narrow relation with the tourism strategies in the global and local interactions.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017
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