Planning Coordination Mechanism of Scenic Spots and City Area Contradiction Case Study of Dengfeng, Henan, China

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Dengfeng is located in the central of Henan province of China. World Cultural Heritage The Centre of Heaven and Earth, the Songshan Scenic Area and the world famous Shaolin Temple are located in Dengfeng. The rapid development of economy and city expansion brings to the contradiction of scenic spot and city area, culture tourism and Real estate development, high rise building and city style. Therefore, it is reference significant to explore the synergistic mechanisms of scenic spot and city area under the participation of local government, enterprise planners and citizen. In order to exploring the reasons of contradictions between scenic spot and city area, cultural tourism and city development in the process of rapid urbanization of China, it is important to research the synergistic mechanisms of typical case in the micro and macro bilinear logic view in the interception of certain historical span. It is argues that keeping the flexible adaptability of micro system relative to macro system (the national or regional scale) is the key to stable local elements, guide the coordination of scenic spot and city area and inverse configuration. The synergistic mechanisms of scenic spot and city area, which consist by the transition space of basic control line, height zoning and cultural infiltration, could form a bidirectional adjustment path and elements allocation pattern which aims to optimize small unit. city unit development mode leads to the reshape of scenic spot and city blending area, but it also brings with a certain degree of inner closed tend, which deeply influences the formation of new relationship of scenic spot and city area. At last, it reclaims that China should transfer from the macro guide system to micro innovation system when deal with the relationship of scenic spot and city area, to enhance the ability of independent regional development organization and effective allocation of elements.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
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