Dealing with a complex urban object: planning the covers of transport infrastructures in urban areas

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Our paper focuses on the complexity, in urban planning practices, to coordinate and urban development. This is the case for transport systems organized around infrastructures. Contrary to what we could imagine in a first approach, there causality between the construction of such infrastructures and urban development territories. We mainly observe an intertwining of causal links, and an interpene evolution. This observation has implications for public policy, whether to create new tra organize urban development. Interactions are still structured at one time or ano fields of public intervention strongly related. Problems should therefore be join planning and urban planning actions differ as much in their challenges as implementation. This generates problems of coordination between stakeholders backgrounds, sharing neither the same interests nor t Hhoew siasm ecologic ctsi voef action . possible in this context? To highlight the difficulties of coordination, we focused our research on ac interface between these two fields: urban development projects organized around infrastructures covers. There are many reasons to cover a transport infrastr nuisances, to create new available land, or to improve the transport system. W these projects are always at the junction between construction of the structural c engineering object); operation of the transport infrastructure (production a transportation system); and planning of urban development project (creation of n settlements, etc.). In a first theoretical part, we will explore the complex links between transport development, and its consequences on public policies. We will then focus on the well see how they constitute spaces of confrontation and interaction between planning. We will explain how coordination of collective action between the nevertheless organized in the decision-making process and in the operational completed within the framework of an interdisciplinary research program ANR CANOPE on an organizational analysis of five cover projects in France, Belgium and Ger 2015): coverage of existing railway lines coming out of the Gare d’Austerlitz i Gauche (France) ; enlargement of part of the railway network around Brussels (B portions ; coverage of urban expressway and the construction of a tram line (Germany), burying the A55 highway in Marseille in EuromØditerranØe project and new urban areas (France); the coverage of an expressway section in Gennevilliers 29th Annual AESOP 2015 Congress | July 13–16, 2015 | Prague, Czech Republic 2808
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prague, 13-16th July, 2015
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