Characteristic towns - three levels of link and dialogue between Europe and China

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There are many scenic, distinctive characteristic towns in Europe, such as Cordoba, Cuenca, Portofino, Kema and so on. They are famous tourist attractions, visitors often linger there. China's town plans and constructions often refer to European towns. Recently, China issued "The Notice of Fostering Characteristic Towns", which decided to carry out nationwide characteristic towns' cultivation work, it plans to cultivate about 1000 characteristic towns before 2020, China also identified 127 national characteristic towns for the first batch. This article takes the characteristic towns as the research object, and takes the field research, cases comparison and the policy analysis as the research methods, thinks the characteristic towns forms the link between Europe and China in 3 levels. It referred to Europe towns a lot in China's town plans and constructions, especially in the layout forms and architectural styles. For example, the Shannan town in Hangzhou city determines to build "China's Greenwich Town". These learning, imitation and reference form the first level of the link and dialogue between Europe and China. The Chinese governments support the development of characteristic towns by providing a number of favorable policies, which achieved remarkable results. Policy supporting comes from both local and national governments, such as local governments give Land use indicators and tax reliefs, the national government gives special funds and so on. This paper argues that this approach deserved to be promoted, European countries and local governments can also introduce similar incentive policies to promote the further development of the characteristic towns. This promotion of support policies will form the second level of the link and dialogue between Europe and China. This article prospects that Europe and China will achieve the third level of link and dialogue by promoting enterprise cooperation, such as European enterprises go to China to lead the construction of characteristic towns, Chinese enterprises go to Europe to lead the construction characteristic towns. This may create a win-win situation. These three levels of link and dialogue upgrade gradually and interact with the process, containing good social and economic benefits. They deserve attentions and active treatments.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity, Lisbon, 11-14th July, 2017
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