Planning Practices and Theories from the Global South: Special Issue

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Mukhopadhyay, Chandrima
Belingardi, Chiara
Pappalardo, Giusy
Hendawy, Mennatullah
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The AESOP Young Academics Special Issue on Planning Practices and Theories from the Global South focuses on planning for less-affluent communities and a role for planning to safeguard the interests of underprivileged groups. The innovation and complexity of planning practices in addressing the uneven development demands additional intellectual space than what is reflected in theories emerged in the global North, and can be addressed by a geographic and thematic ‘Global South’. The booklet brings chapters based on three schools of thoughts: Southern theory, which is in the making; transnational planning as a practice; and an ‘one-world shared approach’. The booklet is a valuable place marker in the development of regionally-specific, while globally-informed, planning. Some of the world’s most promising young thinkers review and refine the ideas of current leaders in the break out of new planning perspectives from Africa, Arab States, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.
Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Industrial engineering and economy::Physical planning