An inclusive, multilevel planning experience to regenerate Milan metropolitan peripheries

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“Metropolitan welfare and urban regeneration” is the project that the Metropolitan City Authority of Milan is carrying out thanks to a National fund by the Infrastructure Ministry of the Central State aiming at developing deprived areas in the country. The topic of inclusiveness is the key chosen by the Metropolitan City of Milan to interpret the issue of peripheries and the idea of urban regeneration. Its target is to transform marginal places into the pivots of a territorial and social infrastructure to build a new livability of the metropolitan suburbs, through a multilevel planning tool that involves the environmental level, such as the housing inclusion and the cultural and social promotion levels. It is mainly addressing the vulnerable population, and at the same time it aims at the construction of nodes of attractions for all the citizens. The paper presents the innovative approach of governance proposed by a program that experiments new relationships at the metropolitan scale, and the contents of the six different projects that compose the program interpreting the issue of integration as a fundamental criterion into planning tools aimed at responding to the current challenges.
urban regeneration, welfare, metropolitan scale, peripheries