Classifying governance initiatives for an effective integration of car sharing with urban planning and transport systems

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Car sharing is a service in which members can access a car without having to own it. It is a relatively mature car-based component of the ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS) system that has potential to work as sustainable transport when effectively integrated with urban systems and used as a complement to the transport network. Initiatives to integrate car sharing are relatively recent and not yet widely practiced, but they have been successfully implemented by some cities and there is an increasing interest in adopting them worldwide. However, this topic remains widely unexplored in transport studies and policy debates. This paper aims to address governance for car sharing integration by clarifying what this integration means, underlining its significances, and by classifying mechanisms and measures that can be adopted, mostly by local authorities, to achieve it. This work was based on literature reviews and on studies of practical examples focused on governance for car sharing developed by the author f or her master and Ph.D. (ongoing) researches. The framework introduced here may provide insights on elements that should be considered while formulating strategies to incorporate car sharing into urban systems. It is also an opportunity to reflect on a significant, but relatively unexplored, topic in transport discourse.
car sharing, governance, transport planning, integrated mobility