Transformation of Roads' Feature Protection: Status and Future Thinkings of Shanghai's Feature-protected Roads: Based on the Case of Yuyuan Road in Shanghai

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During the decades of the formation and development of historic roads in Shanghai, the urban connotation has different traces in different times. Feature-protected roads are one kind of urban heritage because they have the characteristics of urban form and urban culture. However, in the process of protection, the work of protecting feature-protected roads has been confront with certain difficulties due to the imperfection of the theory and the technology. This paper tries to answer the question what are the realistic problems and dilemmas faced by the feature-protected roads under the background of rapid development and transition of the city? And what aspects should be focused on in the protection work? It combs the basic characteristics of the relevant planning of Shanghai feature-protected roads and analyzes the requirements of the management and control of feature-protected roads in Yuyuan Road Historical and Cultural Area and the status of its protection, aiming to explore the highlights and problems in the protection process. Finally, this paper tries to put forward the optimization direction aiming at the problems in the protection work, which can provide the protection of historical landscape and the continuation of cultural tradition under the concept of shareable development.
feature-protected roads, Yuyuan Road in Shanghai, planning control, protection status