Quelques réflexions sur une possible évaluation des impacts des politiques culturelles et patrimoniales appliquées au Val de Loire (Some reflections on an evaluation of the impacts of cultural and heritage policies in the Val de Loire)

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To assess the impact that heritage policies have on territories is not simple and the different indicators and descriptors do not appear very concrete. Experts designated by the UK and French governments to analyse and measure the impact of cultural factors on recent developments in this area insist that an accurate evaluation is impossible because reliable, clear, obvious and relevant indicators do not exist, at least not yet. To guide us through the development of awareness on these issues, we relied on two Anglo-Saxon reports and their French equivalent. The first one, ‘The Contribution of Culture to regeneration in the UK: a review of evidence. A report of the Department for Culture Media and Sport’, was edited by Phyllida Shaw and Graeme Evans in January 2004. The second one results directly from the first and constitutes a sort of filiation, an update by the same authors, applied to a larger geographical area: ‘Arts and culture in regeneration’, published by The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) in 2006. Their French equivalent is the report submitted by Xavier Greffe in May 2006 at the Ministry of Culture and Communication under the title ‘The mobilization of France’s cultural activities: from the cultural territorial attractiveness... to the culturally creative nation’. These three reports, or rather literature reviews, analysed what research has produced in this field, addressing issues related to the role of cultural activities in general urban development transformations and the impact that cultural ‘industries’ could have on their environments.
Sustainability in heritage protected areas : Book of Proceedings of the 5th AESOP European Urban Summer School Tours, France, from 1st – 8th September 2014
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