Privatization, Marginalization and Reuse of Waterfront Space in New Town——Taking Zhangjiang Science City Zhongshi Unit as an Example

dc.contributor.authorShuhan, Zhang
dc.contributor.authorHanghua, Zhang
dc.description.abstractIn the past ten years, China has ushered in a new era of urban development. The urban renewal project has gradually changed the original urban pattern. In the suburbs, the construction of new cities has replaced the old towns and formed two types-an industry-led new towns and life-oriented new towns. The Zhangjiang area is one of the earliest industrial zones in Shanghai. It is currently in an important period of transition from industrial zones to the urban area. The comprehensive improvement of scientific research capabilities, living environment and urban vitality is its development goal. The long-term industrial development has led to the relatively closed industrial parks in the Zhangjiang area. The high-end communities have been built everywhere but the supporting facilities are insufficient. This has led to the emergence of city-industry separation, and separation of jobs and residential in the Zhangjiang area. These problems are particularly prominent in the Zhongshi units. In the process of building a fast new town, Zhangjiang Old Town, which was originally water-based, gradually declined, and was replaced by a new town with roads as the development axes. Planners used modern and mature design methods to design highend residential communities and spacious car roads, but also brought public space with novitality. Taking the Zhongshi unit of Zhangjiang Science City as an example, this paper first analyzes the existing characteristics of public space, and takes the waterfront space as the research focus. It is found that the waterfront space is characterized by privatization and marginalization. After that, some urban design method was used to redesign the form of waterfront space , function, and relationship with the surrounding area in order to realize the reuse of the public space.
dc.sourcePlanning for Transition – book of proceedings 31; 2en
dc.subjectwaterfront public space
dc.subjecturban renewal
dc.subjectprivatization and marginalization
dc.subjectZhangjiang Old Street
dc.titlePrivatization, Marginalization and Reuse of Waterfront Space in New Town——Taking Zhangjiang Science City Zhongshi Unit as an Example
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