São Paulo City GIS Platform: GeoSampa

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Information Technologies are changing paradigms bringing new challenges to Public Administration and its structures need to be renewed in all aspects, not only in technological and material resources, but also in the cultural models and processes in public government. Ethics in the manipulation and processing public data is necessary in the federal, regional and municipal levels. However, it is within the local power sphere where the information and construction of registries occurs in a more sensitive way, due to the direct contact with citizen and society in general. Also, the Local Power is the federative body responsible for the main urban problems of brazilian cities, accountable specially for Urban Public Policy. Within this perspective, the article presents as object of analysis the recent experience of the city of São Paulo through the city GIS called “GeoSampa”. This platform is part of the Municipal Information System (article 352 of the 2014 Master Plan) and it is a structural element of the Local Urban Public Policy. The GeoSampa initiative has shown to be innovative and resulted in a positive impact for the city and for the local government. But despite the achievements, it is necessary to evaluate the challenges that GeoSampa brings to the surface.
GeoSampa, Planning Support Systems, (Big) Spatial Data Sources, Public Database, Public Administration