The Characteristics of the Working Place of the Creative Class: The Case of Fashion Designers in Istanbul Nisantasi

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Development of the fashion design industry in Turkey has gained momentum since the 1990’s. Nisantasi, where there are many luxury garment stores and ateliers producing haute couture evening dresses, is the neighborhood where most of the fashion designers have an office. On the other hand, fashion designers are part of the creative class. The creative class has high knowledge and skills, as opposed to unskilled workers engaged in routine work in industrial plants. This working class, which works flexibly, needs different working places from the classic work offices. The researches in the literature related to the design criteria of these work places are insufficient. In this study, fashion designers' offices in Nisantasi were examined and both environmental characteristics and interior features of the offices were analyzed. Face-to-face interviews were held with designers. In these interviews, the reasons of clustering of the designers in the region, the environmental, physical and social factors affecting their creativity were questioned. The answer to the question of how to design the ideal office where fashion designers can exhibit their creativity was also sought. This research provides design criteria for the offices of fashion designers as well as location criteria of them.
Creative Class, Fashion Industry, Working Place of Fashion Designers, Nisantasi