Council of Representatives Meeting, Tirana, 6th May 2011

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Council of Representatives Meeting, Tirana, 6th May 2011 AGENDA: General Policy of the Association: Welcome (Kristina L. Nilsson, President) General Policy of the Association (Kristina L. Nilsson) Quality Policy Report (Wilem Salet, Senior President, Maros Finka, Quality Offcer) GPEAN Report (Andrea Frank, GPEAN Representative) Organisation and Prizes: Secretary General Report (Anna Geppert, Izabela Mironowicz; SGs) Presentation of AESOP financial statement 2010 and budget 2011 (Thomas Matta, Treasurer); approval of the budget Excellence in Teaching Prize (Francesco Lo Piccolo, Chair of the Prize Committee) Best Published Paper Prize (Elisabete A. Silva, Chair of the Prize Committee) Best Congress Paper Prize (Karel Maier, Chair of the Prize Committee) Report from thematic groups (Beata Banachowicz, Thematic Group Officer) Upcoming vacancies (Kristina L. Nilsson, Anna Geppert) Forthcoming AESOP Events, Publications and External Cooperation: Congresses: WPSC Perth 2011 (Pantelis Skayannins, Event Officer); Ankara 2012 (Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe, Middle East Technical University, Ankara); calls for Joint AESOP-ACSP Congress 2013; and AESOP Congress 2014; Heads of Schools: Oslo 2012 (Elin Børrud, Berit Nordahl, Norvegian University of Life Sciences); Hamburg 2013 (Joerg Knieling, HafenCity University Hamburg); call for Heads of Schools Meeting 2014 AESOP Publications: Planning Education, Yearbook, Newsletter (Anna Geppert) Journals: disP (Izabela Mironowicz), EPS (Kristina L. Nilsson) Young Academics Report (Antonio Raciti, YA Representatives) Cooperation with planning organisations (Kristina L. Nilsson, Izabela Mironowicz): ECTP, ISOCARP, UN-Habitat, IFHP. New AESOP Charter Presentation of the New AESOP Charter (Kristina L. Nilsson, Anna Geppert, Izabela Mironowicz) Debate on New Charter and voting Changes in AESOP: Launching new AESOP website (Giancarlo Cotella, Communication Officer) Secretary General (Anna Geppert) Suggestions from the representatives, conclusions (Kristina L. Nilsson) The item contains the following documents (list): assesment-of-the-aesop-charter-20-04-2011.pdf corep-meeting-6-may-2011-in-tirana-minutes-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-6-may-2011-in-tirana-resolutions-01-01-2015.pdf corep-meeting-tirana-6-may-2011-agenda-20-04-2011.pdf new-aesop-charter-09-03-2011.pdf CoRep ONLINE VOTING on joint AESOP-ACSP Congress in 2013 - Wednesday, 2 November 2011 set of documents
Tirana, Council of Representatives Meeting 2011