Yacht as a part of city public space

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Technology development in the field of maritime transport reflected immediately in demands aimed to ports’ infrastructure, size, location and connected land transportation. Harbors started to be redeveloped but quickly turned out that new standards are much too higher to face them up because of the lack of space. In many cases the only solution was to move out of the city to a new place. This process released from industry large areas in good location, very often close to the historical old town. Because of this and attractive vicinity of water they started to be an integral part of the center. Leaving cities ports left its immovable infrastructure as cranes, wharfs, docks, inner harbors etc. The most natural and easiest way to adopt them to new functions was to change them into yacht harbors. And that is a moment when we face question about methods of this transformation. Will we choose the easiest way and simply exchange ships to yachts rearranging infrastructure due to new requirements or will we act more profoundly by analyzing specificity and potential of new function? Below I feature some reflections about yacht harbors and will also try to look at them in a non-common way to discover their role in creating city public space.
City on water : 6th AESOP European Urban Summer School 2015, Bremen
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