CoRep Meeting Utrecht, 9 July 2014

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AGENDA 09:00 Welcome address by Gert de Roo 09:05 President's Statement by Gert de Roo: AESOP at a crossroad 09.20 Secretary's General Report by Izabela Mironowicz including • Introduction to the National Representatives powers and duties • Presentation of the National Representatives 2014-2016 • Presentation of the membership issues • Ratification of the new AESOP members: Niirtingen-Geislingen University Faculty for Landscape Architecture, Environmental and Urban Planning, GERMANY (Full Membership) University of Gothenburg Department of Conservation, SWEDEN, (Associate Membership) International University of Catalonia Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, SPAIN (Associate member) Information about AESOP events 2014 and 2015 including European Urban Summer School 2014 (University Francois Rabelais in Tours, 1-8 September) and AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series Forthcoming calls for AESOP positions and events Presentation of the AESOP Awards and information about application process 2014 • Ratification and dissolving AESOP Thematic Groups • Ratification AESOP Official in EU Projects • Presentation of enhanced AESOP identity guidelines • Presentation of improved AESOP website • Information about General Assembly 2014 10.00 CoRep DISCUSSION: InPlanning digital network including • Country strategies • Planex —Young Acedemics Open Access Journal (by Lauren Ugur) • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Moderator: Gert de Roo 10:45 Ratification of the suspension of the members Rapporteur: Thomas Matta 11:00 AESOP Quality Recognition for the European Dimension in Planning Programmes Project Rapporteur: Francesco Lo Piccolo 11:15 Selection of the host of the Heads of Schools Meeting 2015 • Madrid University of Technology presented by Jose Miguel Fernandez Gfiell • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presented by Elisavet Thoidou • Voting Moderator: Gerhard Schimak 12:00 Elections of the AESOP Secretary General 2015-2019 • Presentation of the candidate • Question and answers to the candidate • Voting Moderator: Izabela Mironowicz 12:30 CoRep DISCUSSION: AESOP at the Habitat Ill Meeting 2016 Moderator: Gerhard Schimak and Ela Bablik-Sutcliffe 13:00 Presentation of the 2015 AESOP Congress in Prague and PhD Workshop in Bratislava Rapporteur: Karel Maier, Mara Finka, Gehard Schimak 13:20 AOB 13:30 Conclusions and closing by Gert de Roo This item contains the following documents: aesop-charter-17-06-2014.pdf aesop-council-of-representatives-meeting-09-07-2014-agenda-17-06-2014.pdf application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-cv-1-17-06-2014.pdf application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-declaration-3-17-06-2014.jpg application-for-aesop-sg-2015-2019-letter-2-17-06-2014.pdf corep-brochure-17-06-2014.pdf corep-meeting-07-03-2014-lisbon-minutes-draft-06-04-2014.pdf corep-meeting-07-03-2014-lisbon-minutes-final-version-10-11-2014.pdf habitat-iii-new-urban-agenda-27-06-2014.doc inplanning-institutional-framework-06-07-2014.doc inplanning-mooc-06-07-2014.doc quality-recognition-of-planning-courses-application-form-17-06-2014.pdf
CoRep meeting, Utrecht, 2014, material, agenda