Master Programme in Spatial Organisation and Design (Yildiz Technical University)

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University is acknowledged as an interdisciplinary study program in spatial planning efficiently backed by the environment of the Faculty of Architecture within which it is embedded. It brings together the following aspects of quality in planning education: - Programme Curriculum and Identity o Properly linked focus of the study programme to the main profile of the Department (City and Regional Planning) and the Faculty (Architecture). The clear response of design-centred curriculum to the profile of graduates compared to other study programmes offered by the Faculty. o The pragmatic dimension of professional ethic awareness as an inherent part of students’ practical study engagement. A close link between students’ academic tasks and demands of societal practice. o Understanding of contemporary societal change through the development of students’ individual awareness about their own role as experts for spatial organisation and design. - Principles of Pedagogy o Capitalising the potential of interdisciplinary staff and its pedagogical competences through encouraging the reflection on disciplinary biases. o Best practice example of student/alumni/employer’s engagement by enabling its members to develop stronger relations with the university’s community, find mentorship and gain access to new professional networks. o Fostering active and independent learning by providing the freedom to students when selecting the research topics within the given framework. Exploiting students’ knowledge and skills from different disciplinary backgrounds to achieve mutual learning through group work, studio project, open debates, and exchange with practitioners.
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