Master Programme in Regional Planning (Yildiz Technical University)

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The Master Programme in Regional Planning delivered at the Yildiz Technical University is distinctive in its focus on the policy agenda at the regional scale. It brings together the following aspects of quality in planning education: - Programme Curriculum and Identity o An effective blend of core and elective subjects focused on regional planning with excellent exposure to international connections and networks. A good blend of theory and practice delivered by a well-qualified team in relation to the nature of the programme objectives. o The focus on contemporary societal changes, such as income inequality, resilience, access to public service, stagnation at regional and local scales. o Opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and reflective practice through comparative analysis and practical engagement. - Principles of Pedagogy o Nurturing research and inquiry skills in students through ‘research-based teaching’ and by facilitating research discussions between students and tutors. o Excellent level of student/alumni/employer’s engagement in curriculum appraisal and development using online platforms, reunion meetings, alumniled seminars, guest lectures and studio-jury involvement. Active involvement with the Chamber of City Planners ensuring the programme remains practicerelevant. o Encouragement of active and independent learning in students by motivating them to find topics of their own interests and carry out independent research, whilst enabling group and peer learning through team-based studio work.
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