An On Demand Transport in a Low Density Region of Portugal - Alentejo

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Mobility and accessibility to services in low density areas is a concern of municipal management policies in the Alentejo. Alentejo is the least populated region in the country, representing over one third of national territory but only 7.1% of its population. It is also the region with the oldest population, 22.9% being 65 years of age or more (while the national average is 17.5%). The CCDRA (Coordination Commission of Alentejo) has proposed, working with the municipalities, to model an on-demand-transport, based on a suitable selection of route centres and itineraries, with the objective of increasing coverage of the existing public transport network (providing an offer in areas and / or periods of the day or year where this offer does not exist or is in deficit). The project will start soon with five municipalities and, in a second phase all the remaining 40 municipalities can be added according to their will. In a first stage, routes, schedules and frequencies are established depending on health needs, supply needs, weekly markets, access to administrative and financial services or for linking with other means of transportation, and serving mainly elderly people living in distant places not served by public transport. Vehicles only make the routes if, in advance, the service has been requested and only go to the stops that have reservations.
on demand transport, flexible mobility, low density regions