Urban Farming in a Rapid Urban Transformation: Community Initiatives and Policy Challenges in Bandung and Yogyakarta

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Under a rapid-unplanned urban transformation of Indonesian cities, which brings more pressures to already marginalized urban farming/agricultural practices in this country, the future of food security of Indonesian cities is in a big question. As already predicted by Central Bureau of Statistic/BPS, two-third of about 250 million Indonesian people would reside in cities in the next two decades and therefore their welfare including their basic needs particularly food would be depended how the country guarantee food security for the whole nation. The fact that many productive agricultural areas in the urban and rural fringes, which are under pressures of unplanned-organic scattered pattern of urban growth, suggests that there is a crucial need of reforming the existing urban policy and planning system which are not supported and protected to urban farming ideas and practices. The paper discusses this issue and documents the practices of urban farming in two creative cities of Indonesia, Bandung and Yogyakarta, and evaluates how the existing urban policy and planning guidelines support urban farming initiatives. This paper argues that it is crucially important to reform the Indonesian urban policy and planning guidelines and practices to accommodate the new paradigm of cities and urban areas as productive sources for sustaining food security for the whole nation.
urban farming, community, policy challenges