“Resilience Thinking” for urban analysis and planning: An exploratory research on Istanbul

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This paper attempts to decipher the concept of resilience in urban analysis and planning, first by working on the terms used in order to explain “resilience”, second to define a framework that defines the basic principles of building resilience cities and third to discuss these principles in the Istanbul context in order to investigate the critical issues for planning this city region, which became increasingly vulnerable in recent years. In order to reach this aim the paper proposes a framework to understand and analyze the changes and processes with the use of attributes of resilience under the headings below; disturbances, vulnerability of the urban ecosystems, adaptive capacities and outcomes of disturbances on urban sub-systems as self-organization, adaptation or transformation. Using the exploratory questions and indicators that define the adaptive capacity, the research on Istanbul has been designed to identify the critical issues in urban analysis and planning principles to be followed in Istanbul under the resilience perspective. The paper presents the findings and discusses how general principles as well as principles based on local issues and priorities can be defined in planning practice.
Book of proceedings: Annual AESOP Congress, 2010 Space is Luxury, Aalto, July 7-10th
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