Masters of Transition?

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My grandmother lived in six different regimes. Influence of Austrians, then Germans and later on Russians on Czechs and Slovaks - with Jewish flavor until the 40th - framed Central European region and its spatial planning culture in the XX century. One may say people living there supposed to be masters in transition. The paper presents outcomes of a qualitative comparative research of planning law in the central European region and seeks possible lessons to be learned to tackle with upcoming challenges. The study demonstrates - based on data from residential development in the Czech Republic - the impact of social and economic changes to statutory (regulatory) planning system and its instruments. Transition from socialist to capitalist system combined with current and upcoming challenges (sustainability, hazards, social changes etc.) creates colorful puzzle to be disentangled. There were many attempts to address these issues in different ways but it does not seem the light at the tunnels´ end might be seen. After almost 30 years of democracy in the central European region there is permanent legislative uncertainty in the construction business there. This depreciates private savings and diminishes competitiveness of the country. Nevertheless, there were and are examples of legislative interventions which try to tackle the never ending transition.
planning, construction, public and private, planning legislation, central Europe