The new dynamics between regional and urban governance: rural areas as connection element

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The dynamics of the expansion of the territory make us think about the fact that territorial development does not exclusively concern urban transformations but also synergistically involves rural areas. As part of the ongoing PhD thesis (tutor Prof. Maurizio Carta) we analyse the richness of the relationship between urban and rural and the vision of a landscape that is not only made of intensive production. The involvement of themes that can interact with each other makes it possible to strengthen the quality of production and its physical extension. This contribution considers the presence of networks among the agricultural entrepreneurs and it discusses the territorial context and the local communities. The synergies between users and rurality, not only intended as agricultural production, lead to a new competitiveness in this field. The increase in productivity is promoted through innovative processes that use new technologies and the social involvement connected to the quality of agriculture. The case of the Inner Area of Madonie is an example: a territory that has led to think of innovative strategies spread throughout the territory and not aimed to a single Municipality, to cope with the development difficulties connected also to the morphology of the site.
rural areas, agriculture, landscape, local development