The system of socio-spatial diversity monitoring in the city of Gdansk, Poland

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This paper presents methods for the system of socio-spatial diversity monitoring in cities on the example of the a monitoring system for degraded and regenerated areas in the city of Gdansk. The main focus is on the use of spatial databases for the monitoring system and the possibilities of using its results for further work - especially spatial planning or scientific purposes. In the beginning, the author will discuss the conditions for the implementation of monitoring in Polish cities - the legal basis, data availability and institutional support for the spatial monitoring processes. Next, data sources and methods of the implementation of monitoring will be discussed, along with an indication of the most difficult obstacles and ways to overcome them. The next part will present the chances of using monitoring data both for the needs of spatial planning and for scientific purposes, for example in the characteristics of Gdansk residential areas and assessment of their level of social capital. The study aims to lead to a discussion on the willingness of municipal units to conduct effective spatial monitoring and the use of its results for real changes in the urban space.
socio-spatial diversity, monitoring, regeneration processes, factorial ecology, sustainable development