The non-Olympic Madrid

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The day before the kick off of the EUSS, all the local media were broadcasting the election of the city that would host the Olympic games of 2020. The mediatic display of the Madrid bid had gathered thousands of people on the streets, and the mayor of the city stressed the quality of public spaces and the leisure offer in Madrid. It did not occur to me at the time that there was a relationship with the EUSS course. The reality the participants found was very remote from that ‘would-have-been’ Olympic Madrid. The work did not focus on a beautified Madrid central area or the urban and architectural landmarks of the last ten years, although there was some of that too. For ten days we walked and researched unresolved urban and suburban environments in Madrid. The participants explored the speculative desert of the Southeast Developments, the lame design of the new neighbourhood of Vallecas and the vacant left over areas of Delicias. Throughout the course the team of participants remained very critical about how things are supposed to be done or the way they have been done until now. And the debate was always active.
Strategies For the Post-Speculative City : Proceedings of the 4th AESOP European Urban Summer School, Madrid, Spain, September 2013
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