Elderly pedestrians, aged >65 years, during wintertime -attitudes towards walking outdoors, safety equipment and experiences of falls. a comparison with healthy adults. Glenn Berggård

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Pedestrians slipping and falling is a major safety problem in countries with long winters such as Sweden. According to the Swedish questionnaire-based National Traffic Safety Survey, selfreported accidents involving pedestrians without involvement of any vehicle (single-pedestrian accidents) accounted for roughly half, (1 141 962) of the total number of all road transport single accidents (2 335 017) in 1998-2000. This survey covered 23 030 people aged 1-84. Fall accidents during wintertime accounts for a large portion of all single-pedestrian accidents. An intervention study was performed from February to April among 67 healthy adults, aged 27-67, in northern Sweden, examined the obstacles for walking outdoor during wintertime, attitudes towards safety equipment, their previous experiences of outdoor falls during wintertime and the effect of using antislip devices on daily walking journeys and their prevention of slip and fall accidents. A intervention study has been made among elderly people, aged more than 75 years, also in northern Sweden. A questionnaire has been distributed to record their background, health status, attitudes towards different conditions to reduce outdoor walking and their usage of safety equipment. A daily travel dairy was distributed during February to April 2009 to record daily walking and experiences of slipping and falling. The results from comparisons of attitudes and previously experiences of outdoor falls among the elderly persons is compared with the results from the pilot study among healthy adults.
elderly, pedestrian, winter, slip, fall