Reflections on Individual Memory in the Transformation of Cultural Heritage Cognitive Context

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Li, Cong
Li, Jiaying
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From the perspective of heritage protection, world heritage and national heritage are undoubtedly the carriers of significant historical memory. compare to them our individual memory seems to be small and humble. The material and non-materials that condense human and national memory can be used as cultural heritage. Can the memory be re-recognized from the perspective of heritage protection? Everyone's life should be awed in the long river of history. This article attempts to explore the following three levels of content: First, The wild goose leads to stay a voice, the person leads to stay trace. The Importance of Individual Memory Presentation and Cognition; Second, The context of cultural heritage cognition and its transformation. Thirdly, with the change of cognitive context of cultural heritage, we juxtapose individual memory and major historical memory, and analyze and interpret them as objects. Based on this, supplement the relevant ideas, methods and principles in heritage protection and exhibition. While the historical heritage is recognized, the individual memory is superimposed thus the historical memories with human life.
cultural heritage , cognitive context , context change , individual memory , memory superposition