A Transdisciplinary Perspective on City Technologies: Touchpoints between Informatics and Urban Disciplines

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Current digital technologies are not oriented to support the practices of transformative planning and more in general the management of complex social processes in urban environments. The active engagement of scholars and urban practitioners in defining nature and applications of future city technologies meant to addresses this type of challenges is crucial. However, this path requires to move beyond the disciplinary boundaries and conventional research practices of urban disciplines. Assuming a transdisciplinary perspective is essential to effectively combine the consolidated knowledge on city dynamics and urban transformations developed within urban disciplines with the knowledge and expertise in the design of digital technologies in the domain of Informatics. To contribute in establishing synergies for developing a transdisciplinary research agenda on city technologies, this paper outlines a schema for bridging urban disciplines and informatics, in particular, Urban Planning, Urban Design and Urban Studies on one side, and Computer-Supported Cooperative W ork, Human-Computer Interaction Design and Information Systems on the other side. This work maps correspondences and affinities between different fields on both sides, highlighting some essential approaches or concepts in each of them that could benefit from the integration with their counterpart in order to advance our understanding on how to rethink digital technologies for serving social change aims and transformative planning practices.
Transdisciplinarity, City technologies, Transformative planning, Social Change